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Coordinates -

Where will the engraving on my Coordinates Collection pieces appear? 

The engraving will appear on the inner center of your piece.

Can you choose another language to be engraved?

Right now we only accept engravings in American English.  We are working diligently to include other languages, accents and symbols for our customers.  Once we achieve these capabilities we will let everyone know!  

What is the total characters I can include on the inside inscription?

Our Legend, Horizon, Meridian and Ion Bracelets fit up to 16 characters including spaces, plus a date. Our Open Air and Sky Bracelets can either have 16 characters or a date.

Our Rings fit up to 10 characters including spaces.  Our necklaces fit up to 10 characters including spaces.  

Can you choose to have a personalized inscription and a date?

You can add a personalized date and inscription to Legend, Horizon, Meridian and Ion bracelets only.  The date will be inscribed on the inner left of your Coordinate Collection piece. 

Can I have both a date and an engraving on a ring or a necklace? 

We have an 10 character limit on rings and a 13 character limit on necklaces and therefore you may choose a custom date or a custom engraving.  

What does the serial number represent?

The serial number ensures authenticity.  That serial number is unique to your piece only.  

How do i know what size bracelet best suits me?

Please refer to our size guide for more information on our sizing options.
Should you have an additional questions upon viewing our size guide please feel free to send your inquiry to our customer service department:

Something isn't right on my custom piece, can I exchange it?

If you believe you have received the incorrect size or style, be sure to check your online order receipt.  Once you are sure the order is wrong, refer to our exchanges and cancellations policy for further instructions on how to handle incorrect orders!


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